Our Very First Post

a hen and her chicksHola and a very warm welcome to our page! Here, we’ll discuss everything about chickens. Many people only know chicken as a type of meat to be eaten. We here are however obsessed with chickens! We love everything about them, from little eggs hatching into furry yellow chicks right up to fully fledged roosting adults.

Here are a few fun facts to note about chickens. firstly, they are considered birds even though they cannot fly! A female adult is known as a hen whereas a male adult is known as a rooster. Only hens lay eggs and not all eggs turn into little chicks! Only fertilized ones do.

Chickens are omnivores. They eat both meat and vegetables making it very easy to care for them. Most chickens would happily slurp down worms, crunch on seeds or peck at fruits. The gizzard in every chicken is a fantastic organ which helps grind up everything that the chicken eats.

Most hens lay an egg everyday for 21 days and then pauses for 7 days to recuperate. Think of it as the hen’s version of menstruation. A fertilised egg takes 21 days to fully incubate, after which a chick will peck its way out of the egg.